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Frequently Asked Questions

What if ads still appear on my computer?

Shelblock was launched in November 2019 with the goal of removing ads for Internet users and protecting them from online scams.

We are improving our software every day with the aim of satisfying our users' expectations as much as possible. However, it is possible that some websites or applications you would like to block are not yet in our predefined lists and therefore continue to show ads. In this case, we have two options:

  1. you can add the domain you want to block to the blacklist available in the Filters tab of the software.

  2. You can send us an email to contact@shelblock.com with the URL or name of the application where you see ads. We always take into account the feedback of our users and try to update our software very regularly according to them.

How do I change ad and tracker blocks?

It is possible to customize Shelblock by managing the ad and tracker blocks a la carte.

All users have access to this feature even if they are not premium.

For the latter, we have implemented the advanced blocking which will allow to customize the premium features of Shelblock. It will then be possible to manage the blocking of premium applications such as Youtube and Twitch, or to block certain features such as the one that allows blocking phishing sites.

These blocks can be modified inside the application in the "Block" tab. Simply uncheck the options you no longer wish to have.

How to view blocking statistics?

Your blocking statistics allow you to find the number of ads, the number of bugs blocked or the data you save while using Shelblock.

All these statistics are available by application and since the beginning of your use of Shelblock.

You can view this data within the application in the "Statistics" tab and reset it whenever you want.