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You have a problem with Shelblock or simply want to learn more about ad blocking software? Our FAQ is here to answer any questions you ask us most often. If you are wondering if Shelblock secures your data, whether it is a virus or if the tool can be used on your operating system, click the corresponding topic to know the answer! For all other inquiries regarding Shelblock and services, if you can contact us from our contact form.

What is Shelblock?

Shelblock is an ad blocking software to computer. Available on Windows (versions 7, 8, 8.1 and 10), you ensures safe navigation and tranquility.

In installing free Shelblock, you are immune to advertising and trackers on the system. The software blocks intrusive windows and cyber threats like malware and trackers prying to protect your privacy.

Unlike traditional ad blockers, Shelblock is used without extension. To use, you simply install it once to protect your system anywhere, any time.

Choose Shelblock is counter web trackers but always keep your private data from a single software!