Parental controls

Secure and supervise the navigation of your children

Our free ad blocker protects all your system
Do you want your children to be able to browse independently and safely? Shelblock parental monitoring software is the solution.

Shelblock filters inappropriate content from websites and search engine results with restricted access by password.

Activate parental controls in Shelblock in seconds and your computer will be ready for your children to use.

Don't be afraid to let your kids surf anymore 😬

Do like our 0 users, install Shelblock Parental Controls to
guarantee safe surfing for your kids

I use shelblock to protect my privacy and that of my children on the internet. I also take advantage of it to not have ads anymore. It's cool!
Very satisfied with this software, after a few trials with competitors I was not happy with... I've been using Shelblock for a few weeks, the premium version is a real plus for security thanks to the parental control. It works very well on browsers, as well as spotify and youtube which I use every day. Thanks Shelblock!
I had installed an extension to block ads and trackers, but my son had disabled it. That's why I switched to Shelblock and since then I don't have any problems, it works just as well or even better (because it even works on Firefox). And with the parental control, I'm even more relaxed
Intuitive software that I totally trust! I recommend!
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A simple parental control with a lot of functionalities

Enable it with a parental code you set
Parental code allows you to enable Parental Controls and restrict access to certain web sites, applications, and Shelblock software to prevent it from being disabled by your children. A page requesting the parental code will be displayed each time you open an unsuitable page.
Filters explicit search results
Shelblock parental control filters search results for images, videos, and web sites that are considered inappropriate by default. This feature is available on the Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.
Blocks access to porn sites
10% of the world's visitors to pornographic sites are under 10 years old. With the increase in Internet use, children and adolescents are exposed to pornographic content at younger and younger ages. Shelblock protects your children's innocence by blocking access to this offensive content.
Prevents access to gambling sites
Gambling sites are also a threat to your children and your wallet. These sites can quickly become addictive and disconnect your children from the real world. To avoid conflicts and block access to these dangerous sites, install Shelblock Parental Controls.
Stops access to drug sites
Some children may be tempted to try to obtain medicines on the Internet. Internet sites selling medicines are very dangerous because they are not medically supervised. Anyone can access them and get all kinds of medicines. It is important to block these sites to protect your children's health.
Blocks online dating sites
One child in three has already been approached on the web by a person with sexual intentions. Dating sites are teeming with people with bad intentions and can be dangerous under a certain age. This is particularly true of cyber-luring. Protect your children from these bad encounters with Shelblock Parental Controls.
Signals to all websites that browsing is done with parental control
This feature allows to trigger a protection system by the websites and applications consulted. If the content is deemed inappropriate below a certain age, it will be automatically blocked by the service in question.
Allows you to customize authorized and unauthorized access
Who better than you to define the contours of parental control? You can easily customize the list of websites and applications that you want to restrict your children from accessing.

We answer to your questions

How do I enable Parental Control
After downloading and installing the software from our website on the computer used by your child, choose the Premium protection to benefit from the parental control. Go to the Parental Control tab and choose a parental code to enable parental monitoring. Activation is done in less than a minute!
Is Shelblock Parental Control free?
The parental control is part of the Shelblock Premium offer from €2.90 / month. A 14-day trial version gives you free access to this version.

There are many threats on the Internet

of children are exposed to shocking content at least once.
of children admit to making friends on the Internet and 20% of them think their parents would not approve.
have already been approached on the Internet by someone with sexual intentions.

Parental protection is available on all browsers and all search engines on your computer

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge

Offer a better navigation to your family too

They talk about the Shelblock parental control

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