Parental controls

The simplest and most effective parental control software

Shelblock Family helps you watch over your family members by securing their browsing.

With the quick and easy creation of a parental code, your children will be protected from inappropriate content and online threats.

Give your kids safer browsing

Simply enable parental controls

Shelblock Family is the only parental control solution that is very easy to activate, yet effective.

You simply install the software and set a parental code to launch it. This parental code acts as a barrier to entry for sites deemed inappropriate. In addition, you can customize the banned sites and blocked apps in the parental list.

Block offensive and inappropriate content

Shelblock Family Parental Control works on several levels to effectively protect your children.

First, it filters search results to show only age-appropriate websites, videos and photos. Shelblock also blocks access to porn and inappropriate sites with the parental code you set.

Eliminate other online threats

Bad encounters, cyber-bullying on social networks, addictions, buying dangerous products... Threats are diverse on the web.

Parental code blocks all forms of Internet dangers so your children can browse independently. Build trust between you and your children with Shelblock Family.

Secure your children's device in less than 5 minutes

Install the software on the devices your kids use.
Activate the parental code from the "Parental Controls" tab of the software.
Customize the blocks if you wish.
Your children will be automatically protected from inappropriate and dangerous content
on the web browser and applications.

Don't be afraid to let your kids surf anymore 😬

Do like our 0 users, install Shelblock Parental Controls to
guarantee safe surfing for your kids

I use shelblock to protect my privacy and that of my children on the internet. I also take advantage of it to not have ads anymore. It's cool!
Very satisfied with this software, after a few trials with competitors I was not happy with... I've been using Shelblock for a few weeks, the premium version is a real plus for security thanks to the parental control. It works very well on browsers, as well as spotify and youtube which I use every day. Thanks Shelblock!
I had installed an extension to block ads and trackers, but my son had disabled it. That's why I switched to Shelblock and since then I don't have any problems, it works just as well or even better (because it even works on Firefox). And with the parental control, I'm even more relaxed
Intuitive software that I totally trust! I recommend!
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Parental protection is available on all browsers and all search engines on your computer

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge

These parents talk about Shelblock parental controls

Avec Shelblock, vous pouvez facilement bloquer des publicitĂ©s sur le navigateur et les applications de l’appareil. Il est aussi possible de filtrer tous les contenus inappropriĂ©s.
Shelblock thus allows you to block access to sites with sensitive content, gambling and drug sites, dating apps... So you can let them browse with peace of mind!
Activating the parental control in Shelblock is done in seconds and your computer can be ready to be used by your children within minutes.
Shelblock Parental Control Software helps educate children with its multiple features. It makes children's online browsing more healthy.

Offer a better navigation to your family too

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Which parental control should I choose?
Which parental control should I choose?
Find out how to install and activate Shelblock's Parental Controls, the best way to protect your children on the Internet.
Children and screens: which parental control for PCs to choose?
Children and screens: which parental control for PCs to choose?
Install parental controls to protect your children from dangerous content and block malicious sites with Shelblock Premium.
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