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Listen to your music ad-free on Deezer

Get rid of all ads
Finally listen to your music without interruption and save a subscription to Deezer Premium. Install the Shelblock software now to block ads on the application and website

Fed up with untimely ads? 😡

Do like our 0 users, try Shelblock and get rid of ads.

Good product, does the job. I installed this because I read about it in a news article.
Excellent, easy to install and more options than AdBlock.
Really good app, I recommend it to you :)
Good and useful software.
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The Shelblock adblocker gets rid of Deezer commercials and more

Remove advertising, everywhere
Block all types of advertising, on websites and applications on your PC, with automatic Shelblock filtering. Customize these blocking lists if you wish. Enjoy ad-free browsing on all browsers
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Secure your personal data
Some of the services we use on a daily basis use our personal data to pay ourselves. This is the case with search engines, social networks and even some adblockers. Shelblock fights against the misuse of your personal data by blocking trackers
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Enjoy your songs without commercials
Shelblock is the best adblocker for blocking ads on music and video streaming sites. It prevents ads from passing on your computer's websites and applications.
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Surf without ads on social networks
Many advertisements mix with your news feed. These are fed by the collection of your data. The Shelblock Ad Blocker keeps your personal data secret and removes ads from your News Feed.
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Filter web threats
In addition to blocking ads, Shelblock software prevents threats on the Internet: fraudulent sites, scams, phishing, cryptojacking, malware... Protect your navigation
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Protect the navigation of your whole family
Shelblock is one of the only adblockers that also offers parental controls. Choose a parental code to limit access to inappropriate content. Add websites and applications you want to block
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An ad blocker with unique features

Blocking selection
Enable and disable predefined blocking types with one click. By default, maximum protection is enabled.
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How to listen to music without ads?
How to listen to music without ads?
Tired of the commercial breaks when you listen to streaming music? Find out how to block ads on services like Spotify and Deezer!
How to block Deezer ads without risk to your account?
How to block Deezer ads without risk to your account?
Would you like to be able to listen to music on Deezer without being interrupted? Shelblock allows you to block ads on the music platform without fear.
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