Block ads on Brave

Remove advertising and tracking on on Brave

Block ads and trackers on your web browser
Block ads on your search results and on the websites you visit on your Brave browser. Go even further in protecting your data

Fed up with untimely ads? 😡

Do like our 0 users, try Shelblock and get rid of ads.

Good product, does the job. I installed this because I read about it in a news article.
Excellent, easy to install and more options than AdBlock.
Really good app, I recommend it to you :)
Good and useful software.
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Surf on Brave peacefully, without ads and without tracking, with the Shelblock software

Delete all ads
Effectively remove ads from the websites and applications you visit using a list of blocking rules predefined by Shelblock. Go further by setting up the sites and software you want to allow or block access to.
Protect your privacy online
Brave, despite his ambition to block more ads and trackers than other browsers, let a few go by to get paid. Shelblock blocks all unwanted content and makes your browsing even safer
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We answer to your questions

Is the protection easy to activate?
It is very simple to activate. First, download the Shelblock software from our web site and open the downloaded file. Choose your level of protection, Standard or Premium, and your computer will be directly protected!
Is the software free?
There is a free standard version and a paid Premium version. The basic protection of your browser is free (Shelblock Standard)

An ad blocker with unique features

Choice of active protections
Maximum protection is enabled by default. You can disable some locks to set the level of protection more flexible.
Activity statistics
White list

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