YouTube without ads: how to remove ads
YouTube without ads: how to remove ads

YouTube without ads: how to remove ads

May 29th, 2020
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Install Shelblock for free on Windows

On Youtube, advertisements are omnipresent. Broadcast before and during your videos, these commercials waste your time. Are you looking for an efficient solution to watch Youtube without ads? Discover how Shelblock allows you to watch videos without ads!

How to watch Youtube videos without ads?

With 2 billion users every month, more than a million videos viewed every minute, YouTube is the second most popular social network in the world. The platform is constantly innovating to flood us with ads always better targeted.

You've probably already seen one of those ads of a few seconds that interrupt you before and during your videos, called ad pods. The streaming platform justifies them by emphasizing the monetization of videos to pay the creators.

These intrusions, which were also introduced to encourage users to subscribe, are, to say the least, profitable. Youtube's advertising revenues are estimated at more than 15 billion per year!


The paid version of Youtube

If it allows you to delete ads on Youtube, access the services of YouTube Music, YouTube Origin and download videos to watch them offline, you will need to spend between €12 and €18 per month to become a Youtube subscriber. And, to take advantage of other streaming platforms, such as Spotify or Deezer, you will have to pay for their respective subscriptions as well.

Opt for Shelblock, the best ad blocker

Shelblock is the best anti-advertising for :

Removing intrusive ads: No more supporting commercial content before watching videos or annoying commercial breaks during the video.

Protect your privacy: Shelblock allows you to block Youtube ad trackers and prevents the website from collecting your personal data.


How to block Youtube ads with Shelblock?

  • Download and install the Shelblock software on your computer.
  • To enable or disable Youtube ad blocking, nothing could be easier: from the "Advanced blocking" tab, control all your streaming apps that are blocked by default.


Shelblock, an ad blocker designed to protect you

Shelblock allows you to bypass YouTube advertising, but not only that.

Block the ad on all your browsers. Unlike other ad blockers, Shelblock is not one of those extensions you need to install on a single web browser. Regardless of your web browser, Shelblock allows you to remove pop-ups and other banner ads from the websites you visit.

To easily manage the filtering, it is possible to create a black list of sites for which you want to block all ads and a white list for those you allow to be broadcast.

**Secure your private data Shelblock increases the security of your system and protects you from unwanted trackers and advertisers who collect your data to serve you more and more advertising, as well as from malware and phishing attempts.

Protect your children on the Internet Enable Shelblock Parental Controls and easily manage the blocking of applications, websites, or even certain search results.

Shelblock allows you to block pop-up windows on web pages and ads from your best video and music streaming applications.

What fun it is to watch a YouTube video without being cut off by an ad. Surfing the internet without ads becomes even more pleasant!

Install Shelblock for free on Windows
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