X-Client-Data: How to prevent Google from tracking you on Chrome?
X-Client-Data: How to prevent Google from tracking you on Chrome?

X-Client-Data: How to prevent Google from tracking you on Chrome?

February 13th, 2020
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**You sometimes feel like you're being tracked on the Internet? To be the target of targeted advertising? You're not dreaming, ad tracking is real, especially Google's tracking when you use the Chrome browser. What is tracking? How to protect yourself from tracking on the Internet? How to prevent Google tracking?

Google tracking on Chrome

You may not know it, Google uses personal tracker to track you on Chrome. When you install this browser, it generates a unique identifier named "X-Client-Data" for each user. Although confidential, this identifier is then transmitted to all Google's services, including its advertising agency Google Ads as well as Youtube, Gmail, Google Analytics...

This Google tracker responsible for tracking on Chrome will collect many of your navigation information and data in order to offer you targeted advertising.

As you certainly don't like to be tracked (and neither do we), we have set up the Google tracking on Shelblock.

Use Shelblock to block the "X-Client-Data" identifier

If you are using a Google Chrome version greater than 54, an X-Client Data field was (probably) created when you installed your browser.


Rather than switching browsers, you can get rid of this field by using our tracker blocker. In its last update, the Shelblock software detects and blocks this field, which is transmitted in all Chrome requests.

With Shelblock, you can now navigate the Internet and connect to your Google accounts without revealing your "identity" coordinates.

Protect yourself from other intrusive trackers

In addition to enabling browser fingerprint filtering such as Chrome's, Shelblock also allows you to strap trackers from known domains.

To find out the names of these services and the number of blocked cookies, you can consult the Statistics section of the software installed on your computer.


To learn more about Shelblock, visit our About page.

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