Why and how to use the Shelblock Statistics tool?
Why and how to use the Shelblock Statistics tool?

Why and how to use the Shelblock Statistics tool?

March 24th, 2020
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The advantages of an advertising blocker are numerous. It can remove unwanted ads, block pop-ups, prevent trackers and ad tracking on social networks or prevent sites from retrieving your personal data. By using a good anti-advertising software like Shelblock, you can benefit from all these features but also follow in real time the evolution of these data.

How to see the number of ads blocked?

Once installed on your computer, our ad blocker Shelblock gives you useful information in "Statistics". This tab allows you to see which sites and applications are affected by ad blocking, how many cookies have been stopped and which trackers have been removed by our anti-ad blocker.

Shelblock calculates the number of blocked data, to inform you about the improvement of application performance. Here's why and how to use the Statistics from your computer anti-ad.

How do I view Shelblock's statistics?

From the home page of the software, you can access the "Statistics" section to see :

The number of ads blocked, which corresponds to all images, banners and videos ads stopped by Shelblock. The number of blocked cookies, which corresponds to invisible trackers such as the ad tracking identifiers responsible for ad tracking. Data saved, which refers to the number of megabytes saved by blocking ads and cookies.


The "Statistics" tab also gives you this data for all applications and websites blocked by Shelblock. To find one easily, enter the name of the application in the search bar labeled "Find Software". Can't find an application in the "Statistics" tab? This means that Shelblock has not yet configured it! To block ads for this application, easily add it to the Shelblock white list. How do I reset the statistics?

To reset the statistics, click on the "Reset Statistics" link. Shelblock will update its data according to the applications automatically detected or configured in the white list.

To learn more about using your Shelblock software, check out our latest tutorials on the blog.

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