Which parental control should I choose?
Which parental control should I choose?

Which parental control should I choose?

September 30th, 2020
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Installing parental controls has become essential today when a computer is used by children. Whether it is to avoid dangers on the Internet or to prevent visits to certain websites, parental control software will allow you to protect your children's Internet connection easily. What is the best parental control? How to activate a parental control on the computer? We give you all the tips to protect your family on the Internet.

What is the purpose of parental controls?

Installing a parental control on your computer will allow you to protect your children from certain content on the Internet and from :

  • Control your children's access to the Internet and block sites you don't want them to visit ;
  • Prevent attempts at online scams and personal data recovery ;
  • Protect your children's and teens' browsing by restricting access to forums, chat rooms and certain social networks;
  • Monitor your children's use of the Internet by checking statistics and the number of hours of use to avoid excesses.


Which parental control on the Internet to choose?

The most important thing is to choose an effective and complete parental control, adapted to the age of your child or teenager and easy to use. The Shelblock Parental Control meets all the expectations of parents looking for the best parental control !

How do I use Shelblock's Parental Controls?

Once the Shelblock solution is installed on your computer, you can take advantage of all its features to protect your children on the Internet in just a few clicks. The various tools of the parental control platform will allow you to protect, support and control your child's or teenager's Internet use.

Define a parental control secret code

Choosing a secret code to secure your Parental Controls allows you to access all settings and restrictions and change them as much as you like. In order to choose an effective secret code, it is recommended that you avoid using a password known to your children (the computer lock password, for example), logical number sequences (1234, 0000) or your birthday.


If you forget the Shelblock Parental Control PIN, you can select "Forgot Password" to generate a new one from your email address.

Selecting sites that are forbidden to children

You can then choose the sites you wish to restrict access to your children by selecting them by categories: chat rooms, violent sites, social networks, gambling, addictive games, pornographic sites, ...


To enable parental controls on these sites, click the button next to each icon. A green button means Parental Controls are enabled, a gray button means Parental Controls are disabled. In addition, you can change this list of sites that are not suitable for children at any time by adding new sites that are not suitable for children or by deleting them to allow them access.

Easily enable and disable Parental Controls

Shelblock gives you the ability to turn Parental Controls on and off very easily at the touch of a button. So you can choose to leave it on on weekends, for example, when you know your children or teenagers are likely to go online, and turn it off during the week when the computer is being used by you or adults to access all content.


Other advantages of Shelblock

In addition to being a good parental control, Shelblock also has other features you can take advantage of to make your Internet browsing even more fluid and enjoyable!

Block all ads with Shelblock

By installing our adblocker Shelblock on your computer, you will also be able to removing unwanted ads and pop-ups that appear when you go on the Internet. You can block ads on your Internet browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) but you can also remove ads on social networks and prevent ad tracking, listen to your music on Spotify and Deezer without interruption or watch TV replays without ads.

Protect your personal data

Shelblock is committed to protecting your personal data on the Internet. You can use the best adblocker without fear for your privacy since none of your personal information is saved by our ad blocker.

Installing Shelblock on your computer will protect the whole family's Internet browsing! No more need to install several software programs for each use, Shelblock takes care of everything thanks to an effective parental control solution and a powerful Internet ad blocker.

Install Shelblock for free on Windows
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