Which ad blocker to use for Google Chrome?
Which ad blocker to use for Google Chrome?

Which ad blocker to use for Google Chrome?

April 21st, 2020
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Install Shelblock for free on Windows

You can't stand being constantly assaulted by untimely advertisements that constrain your surfing on the Internet? Google ensures that using its browser to block pop-ups, those unwanted advertising windows that appear in full screen on the web page you visit. But to get rid of all advertising formats, it is necessary to download an effective anti-advertising software. Only an adblocker allows you to truly protect yourself and block ads on Chrome. By choosing our ad blocker Shelblock, you opt for a simple solution and complete protection.

How to block ads on Chrome?

Since 2018, Google's search engine integrates a default pop-up blocker to fight against unwanted ads.

How to check that the pop-up blocker is enabled on your browser

When Chrome is open, click on "Settings" in the top right corner. Choose the "Privacy and Security" tab, go to "Site Settings", click on "Pop-up and redirects". Activate "Blocked".


Customize your Chrome settings

In the same tab, it is possible to disable the blocking of advertisements or pop-ups on certain sites whose content you like, for example. This way you allow a small website to take advantage of its advertising revenue to support it.

Why install Shelblock, the best ad blocker?

What's the use of an anti-ad blocker like Shelblock?

Google's browser tools allow you to limit ads but they don't completely protect you. If you choose to download Shelblock, our performing ad blocker for Windows and Mac, you're fully protected while also benefiting from an ad blocker that protects your personal data.

Block ads on Chrome with Shelblock

No need to set up your Internet browser and get lost in the manipulations. In one click, from Shelblock's interface, you can manage filtering easily. You can determine a white list including websites from which you accept ads and a black list of sites from which you want to remove ads.

Shelblock offers you a complete and effective Chrome ad blocking so you no longer have to delete pop-ups one by one and be bothered by banner ads while reading.

Reinforce your security

On Chrome, many features are designed to spy on you and track you: suggestions for browsing, preloading web pages, automatic form entry, ...

With Shelblock, you are protected from pursuant trackers such as Google Chrome's X-Client-Data ID, spyware, advertising tracking and phishing or phishing attempts.

Treat yourself to a smooth and uncluttered browsing experience.

Shelblock allows you to block all ad windows, pop-ups that appear above your window, malicious pop-unders that appear when you close the previous window, and also invasive ad banners and other autoplay videos.

With the ability to delete all Internet ads, you will be able to surf your favorite sites again in a pleasant way.

Gain speed

By blocking web ads, you will release bandwidth. You will benefit from faster and more efficient navigation. You can see how much data is saved on Google Chrome by going to the Shelblock Statistics tab.


Advantages of Shelblock

And that's not all, our anti-advertising also allows you to block ads on social networks and on your other favorite sites!

Install Shelblock for free on Windows
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