What do we know about ad blockers?
What do we know about ad blockers?

What do we know about ad blockers?

November 18th, 2019
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More and more people are using ad blockers. Indeed, anti-advertisers allow us both to escape from a lot of untimely and often useless advertising and also to protect our data when we surf the Internet. Ad blockers are now an integral part of our habits as Internet users and are becoming indispensable in our daily lives. What is the practical use of these anti-advertising software programs? Which ad blocker to choose?

Why use an ad blocker?

There are several reasons why Internet users want to remove ads on the Internet:

  • Lack of interest in the products or services offered
  • Inconvenience when viewing a web page or website
  • Loss of time to get rid of it manually
  • Risks of fraudulent sites and online scams

According to a Global Web Index study, 48% of users believe they receive "too many ads", 44% find the "ads" "intrusive" and 38% think the "ads" "contain viruses and bugs".


Brand awareness preserved

In conclusion, the report states that installing anti-advertising software can be detrimental to some companies that want to showcase their brands and products. Nevertheless, despite the increasing rate of ad blocker installation, online brand awareness is not greatly affected. Indeed, the use of ad blockers encourages the creation of new strategies by advertisers.

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