Google's use of personal data: how can you protect yourself?
Google's use of personal data: how can you protect yourself?

Google's use of personal data: how can you protect yourself?

April 16th, 2020
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**In its Privacy Policy, Google assures its users that the processing of personal data is used to improve their experience and navigation. But information about your Internet activity is also collected by the U.S. giant to serve you increasingly targeted advertising. What does Google do with your personal data? How do you protect your privacy on the Internet? How can you stop spying on your web activity?

How does Google store personal data?

If Google is a performing search engine and is also relevant in your search results, especially when you buy online, it is because it records all your activity by default and knows everything about you.

Google tracking

Thanks to its web browsers, Google collects a lot of personal information with your tacit consent:

  • The searches you make on your Internet browser and the sites you visit
  • Your last online purchases.
  • The services and applications you use on a daily basis
  • The history of your travels thanks to the activation of a permanent geolocation


Do you know the Google Spy Pixel?

This small numeric element corresponds to the profile of your business. It is a tracking script that allows you to track in detail the path of each Internet user. Recorded in a URL address, the data collected is stored and kept by Google. Some data may be used for promotional purposes, to offer you targeted advertising, for example, or passed on to external service providers, websites that will display new advertisements on the sites you visit to encourage you to buy.

Should we accept cookies from websites?

The cookie is a small file that stores your browsing information to allow you, for example, to reconnect directly to a site without having to identify yourself again. Some sites block access to their content if cookies are not accepted. Although cookies are sometimes useful, practical or present to facilitate your navigation on the Internet, it is still better to remain vigilant.

What are called third party cookies, often present in ads and pop-ups that you see on the Internet, are not generated by the site you visit. Malicious, these programs record your activity in order to collect personal data and target their prospecting. Thus, the less cookies are recorded, the more your privacy is protected.


How do you protect your data on the Internet?

To protect your privacy on the Internet, it is essential to install software that prevents web tracking. Your Internet navigation will then be secure and you will be able to continue to visit your favorite websites and enjoy their content with complete peace of mind.

Install Shelblock, an effective adblocker

Ad servers spy on your activity and resell your data for commercial prospecting purposes.

An ad blocker for a more secure navigation

Shelblock is a tracker blocker. It scrambles the tracks and prevents the saving and collection of sensitive data about you.

Privacy Protection

Shelblock automatically blocks disclosure of your activity and access rights to all application tracking systems you use.


To stop Google spying, simply enable the "Protect your privacy" feature of your Shelblock software in your settings.

Secure your web data as much as possible

Other security measures to improve the protection of your personal data on Google :

  • Regular deletion of your browsing history.
  • The choice of a different and complex password for a unique authentication on each website
  • The activation of firewalls or firewalls, which are additional protective measures that protect you from external threats. They filter incoming and outgoing data to protect you from software or user intrusions. Make sure the firewall is always on.


You now know how to protect your data when you go on the web and how to avoid Google data tracking. You can now enjoy your favorite sites without fear of being spied on the Internet, while blocking unwanted ads!

Install Shelblock for free on Windows
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