Telecommuting: A Guide to Protecting Your Computer from Cyber Threats
Telecommuting: A Guide to Protecting Your Computer from Cyber Threats

Telecommuting: A Guide to Protecting Your Computer from Cyber Threats

June 2nd, 2020
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While working from home is becoming more and more common, some companies do not always take the time to properly train their employees on the security measures to adopt when working from home. A godsend for cyber criminals who take advantage of all the security loopholes in computer systems. Theft of personal data, malware, threats from hackers can occur while you work from home. By installing Shelblock, you secure your computer and protect access to your sensitive data. Discover all the benefits of our software and solutions to improve your security.

What are the IT risks of telecommuting?

While it is not difficult to list many of the benefits of teleworking, it is nevertheless necessary to be aware of the possible computer risks that you may encounter. Working from home exposes you to potential threats that it is important to know how to recognize, identify and avoid so as not to put your personal data and your professional tool at risk.

Here are some of the reasons why you may be exposed to cyber-threats:

  • Using unsecured or unprotected wifi networks**.
  • Exchanging data on **unsecured equipment secure equipment.
  • Working in a public space or in transportation (risks of data piracy)
  • Fraudulent e-mails and phishing attempts.

Shelblock: a solution against cyber attacks

More than just an ad blocker, Shelblock software is one of the best security solutions to install for your system, especially if you're teleworking.

Shelblock limits the risk of intrusion

Our software is not an antivirus but an antipub that effectively protects your computer from malware. Detectors warn you accurately about potential threats and content that may contain viruses, a great way to prevent data theft from your workstation!

Regardless of your Internet browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox), Shelblock blocks ads and trackers and guarantees the security of your confidential data.


IT security recommendations for telecommuting

Here are some tips for fighting cybercrime when working from home. These recommendations are to be applied on a daily basis to avoid all risks of hacking or dealing with a computer hacker.

Secure Internet Access

To protect yourself from hacker intrusion, your wireless connection must be secured with a sufficiently complex password. Use the WPA2 encryption of your router, WEP does not offer sufficient security.

Choose strong passwords

If you use your home computer, create separate environments for work and private life with complicated passwords that are hard to guess. The password manager may be a good idea for this. Among other things, it can be used to generate passwords, check them and warn you of unauthorized access attempts. Finally, to reduce fraud, it is advisable to set up a multi-factor authentication system for your work.

Activate a firewall

Prefer to work on the virtual private network (VPN) rather than the public wifi network that hackers can easily spy and phish on. To reinforce the security of your network, it is also important to activate the firewall.

Update your system

Remember to save your data and update regularly to secure your system and prevent access to sensitive information that could be abused by hackers.

Store your data in the Cloud

To avoid fear of data loss, especially work-related data, opt for cloud storage. Many cloud solutions such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox and iCloud allow you to easily manage this data.

Beware of malicious email

Always check the identities of the emails you receive. Don't fall into the trap of a phishing scam, or phishing attempt, whose purpose is to steal your personal data, infect your system or send you to a malicious site. Never give your personal information (password or bank details) to anyone. Get rid of fraudulent messages by placing them immediately in your spam or junk mail.

Install a VPN

If your company has one, use a VPN to connect remotely to the internal corporate network and ensure fully secure access control. Talk to your boss if you don't have one yet!

Install Shelblock for free on Windows
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