How to remove ads on the Internet?
How to remove ads on the Internet?

How to remove ads on the Internet?

November 16th, 2020
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Install Shelblock for free on Windows

Advertising is invading our web pages. It appears everywhere and in all forms: banner ads, flashing inserts, pop-up windows, sponsored content, suggestions for articles that might interest us... It becomes difficult to navigate the Internet without invasive advertising but, fortunately, there are solutions! How to get rid of advertising? How to activate the blocking of Chrome ads? Is there a Youtube anti-ad? Follow our advice to go on the Internet without ads easily.

How to get rid of the ad?

The best solution to delete all ads is to install an ad blocker on your computer. An ad blocker, or adblocker, is a free or paid anti-ad software that will allow you to block ads and make them disappear from your browser.

What is the difference between a free and paid ad blocker?

It all depends on the use you want to make of it because the functionalities are not the same. The majority of free ad blockers allow you to get rid of ads easily, when you go to a web page. A paid ad blocker with a ** premium version**, will offer you more parameters to allow you to delete advertising on more media (TV replays, social networks, streaming sites, ...), to **customize **the ads you want to block or not but also to secure your Internet connection by removing potential threats and protecting your personal data.

A free ad blocker will therefore be sufficient for a simple use that does not require any other parameters. On the other hand, a adblocker with a fee is recommended for optimal browsing comfort. You will be able to benefit from the efficiency of your advertising blocker on a daily basis, whether for personal or professional use.

Which advertising blocker to choose?

There are many ad blockers on the market and it is not always easy to differentiate between them. Here are several criteria that you can use to make your choice:

  • The basic features (ad blocking)
  • The advanced features (personalization, parental control option)
  • The **price
  • The customer notifications.

Blocking ads

The computer ad blocking is one of the basic features expected from any ad blocker. This blocking feature allows you to remove ads from your Internet browser as well as from the web pages you visit. Some anti-adware programs also allow you to delete ads on applications, TV replays and social networks, which is an advantage to take into account.

Blocking Internet ads has several advantages including optimizing your browsing and protecting your computer. Indeed, there are malicious advertisements that can pose a threat to your computer, also known as cyber threats. Using an ad blocker reduces these risks and at the same time prevents you from having to deal with online scams and advertisements with incentives to buy.

Advanced features

The integration of a parental control is one of the most sought-after advanced features for those who install an ad blocker. Usually only available on paid software, these new settings will allow you to install one all-in-one software on your computer rather than several specific ones.

Another advantage, and not the least: the protection of personal data. This is an important condition to consider when choosing an ad blocker. For an easy way to find out if the privacy protection is built into an ad blocking software, check the FAQ or the privacy policy of the ad blocking software to make sure that this information appears.


The price range can vary a lot from one anti-ad to another, often justified by the features that each adblocker offers.

Our tip: choose an ad blocker that offers a lifetime subscription. Often very profitable and very quickly paid off, today it is the best solution to be protected in the long term with ease.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews are a very good performance indicator since they reflect the true user experience of those who use it. Take the time to look at the customer reviews of the adblockers you visit to get your own picture and make a final decision.

Why is Shelblock one of the best ad blockers?

As one of the **best ad blockers ** on the market, Shelblock is doing well with a varied offer that can suit everyone at a lower price.

Shelblock is software that not only helps you avoid ads and pop-ups, but also fights sites and malware and protects your privacy.

Advertising blocking extended to many contents

Shelblock doesn't just block Google Chrome or Firefox ads, our Internet anti-advertising does it on all content. Music lovers, rediscover the pleasure of going to the streaming applications Deezer and Spotify ad-free or watch your favorite clips without interruption on Youtube. Do you prefer social networking and video streaming? Facebook, Pinterest or Ad-free Twitch will have a new flavor! Finally, and we know how painful it can be, blocking ads on TV replays MyTF1 and 6play will save your TV evenings.


Do you want to block all ads in your browser but allow them for a particular site? The Shelblock's white list allows you to do so and modify your choices whenever you want.

Beyond the ad blocking, Shelblock also has an effective parental control software directly integrated into its platform. With just a few clicks, you can define the sites you want to block access to and the times you want to block them to protect your family from the dangers of the Internet.

A price accessible to all

Shelblock allows you to choose between a annual subscription and a lifetime license according to your preference. Prices are accessible to everyone to allow the greatest number of people to take advantage of the many features that Shelblock offers, whether for personal or professional use, especially when you are teleworking.

Your data protected, your navigation secured


Privacy](/en/blog/use-of-personal-data-by-google-how-to-protect-yourself) is Shelblock's priority, as is securing your browsing. To do this, Shelblock allows you to see live the number of blocked cookies and threats avoided thanks to its Statistics tab.

Install Shelblock for free on Windows
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