How do I disable ad blocking on a website or application?
How do I disable ad blocking on a website or application?

How do I disable ad blocking on a website or application?

January 15th, 2020
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Install Shelblock for free on Windows

**Shelblock blocks by default all ads and pop-ups from your browsers and applications. If you want them to appear on a particular site or application, you must specify this in Shelblock's white list. Unlike the black list, this section includes all "acceptable" ads, i.e. ads that are neither intrusive nor disturbing to the user. Follow the steps below to perfectly control the white lists of your ad blocker! **

How to authorize ads on a website?

Our Shelblock ad blocker offers the ability to customize ad filtering with whitelisting. To access it, click on the "Filters" tab in the menu of your software.

To allow ads on a website, click on "Add a website". Fill in its web address in the corresponding field (example: www.siteweb.com). Press the Enter key to see it appear after the authorized websites. Download Shelblock

How do I allow ads on an application?

To allow ads on an app, click on "Add software".  Browse your system to select the application in question (it must be in .exe format). Click "Open" to add the software to the white list.

You can disable and re-enable ad blocking whenever you want and also remove it by clicking on the small trash can on the right.

If you want to add a new website to your white list, it will be automatically removed from black list. Conversely, you will not see it in the white list if it is added to the black list.

Be careful, if you click on "Delete All", Shelblock will automatically remove all your whitelist.

How does Shelblock work?

To learn more about the features of Shelblock and why Shelblock is the best ad blocker, you can read the other articles in our blog or simply contact us !

Install Shelblock for free on Windows
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