How to block the Internet traffic of a desktop application (Windows)?
How to block the Internet traffic of a desktop application (Windows)?

How to block the Internet traffic of a desktop application (Windows)?

July 22nd, 2020
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You want to prevent an application from accessing the Internet? Don't try to add a rule in the firewall of your Windows system. With our Shelblock software, it's easy to block not only an application's advertisements, but all its Internet traffic. Whether you are using a mailbox, a game, a streaming application, editing software, or any other tool, Shelblock allows you to stop a network connection without blocking access to other connected applications. Here's how to control your applications' web traffic with just a few clicks.

Why block an application's Internet traffic?

1. To save data

The more applications or software you use connected, the more data your computer will download and send. Even if you don't open them, some applications will run in the background, updating or using this information. This can be very annoying if you are using a limited Internet connection (with a shared connection from a smartphone, for example), if your connection is poorly performing or if your PC consumes a lot of power.

By blocking network access to one or more applications, you will limit the use of data and improve the performance of your operating system.

Tip: from the Statistics tab of Shelblock, you can view the data saved for each application!

2. To secure your data

An Internet connection can be dangerous if software uses it to recover your data. Although they are not all malicious software, some of them go so far as to spy on your navigation, bypass the system to display advertisements, try to steal your passwords or even be the cause of online scams. If removing these "malware" is necessary to protect your system, you can also block access to the Internet for unused applications to limit data transfer.

Good to know: By default, Shelblock blocks intrusive trackers on your browser and applications. Install our software](/en) to protect your data throughout your system.

Block an application's web connection with Shelblock

Shelblock allows you to easily block an application's Internet traffic.

In its interface, it is possible to :

  • Add an application to the Shelblock blacklist (from the Filters > Software > Blacklist tab, by clicking on "Add Software").
  • To block an application from the "Statistics" tab (by clicking on the hand icon next to the application name).

If, on the other hand, you want to disable blocking an application or if you change your mind after blocking it, you can easily add this application to your white list.

Install Shelblock for free on Windows
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