How to block ads on Pinterest?
How to block ads on Pinterest?

How to block ads on Pinterest?

October 15th, 2020
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Pinterest is gaining more and more followers. This social network allows users to find ideas (decoration, fashion, home, ...), to get inspired or simply to enjoy the content published every day by thousands of users. Only one flaw: the omnipresent advertising on Pinterest. The appearance of sponsored pins spoils the user experience which deplores too much advertising on Pinterest. Fortunately, a solution exists! What is a sponsored pin? How can I remove advertising on Pinterest?

What is the purpose of advertising on Pinterest?

If you're a social network user, you can't miss the many ads on Pinterest. These advertising pins are created by advertisers (brands, influencers, ...) in order to make more people discover their products or services. A budget is established and spent to ensure that Pinterest distributes these sponsored pins to a large target audience and that the advertising content is visible on a large scale, although not everyone likes it.

How to recognize advertising on Pinterest?

On the home page, the sponsored pins mix with your recommended pins. The purpose of these advertising pins on Pinterest is to entice you to click on the sponsored content and thus go to the sites of advertisers, who have paid Pinterest to appear in your search results.

The brand sponsored pins on Pinterest are not easily identifiable because they look like regular pins. The only difference is that the words "Sponsored by" and the name of the brand in question appear below the visual: epingle_sponso_ing.PNG

[Example of a sponsored pin].

While some pins sponsored on Pinterest are relevant and may interest you, others are simply intrusive and reduce the user experience. To get rid of them, you need to install a solution to remove all ads on Pinterest.

How do I remove ads on Pinterest?

Shelblock](/en) is the best software to remove ads on Pinterest. Thanks to its advanced features in terms of ad blocking, our anti-adware allows the removal of all ads on Pinterest and in addition, it ensures a secure Internet connection and the protection of your personal data.

Find the pleasure of consulting Pinterest without advertising and without sponsored pins: pubs_pinterest_brands.png [Pinterest Homepage without Shelblock] [Pinterest Homepage without Shelblock].

pinterest_without_pubs.PNG [Pinterest Home Page with Shelblock]

Blocking ads on Pinterest will allow you to keep only content relevant to you on your Pinterest page and remove intrusive ads. This way, you will be able to continue to consult your fashion, recipe, wellness or artistic inspirations without stumbling upon sponsored pins whose purpose is to push you to buy. How do I install Shelblock?

To install our ad blocker :

  1. Download Shelblock
  2. Manage blocked ads from the "Blocking" tab
  3. In the "Advanced Blocking" section, enable or disable Pinterest Blocking to block and remove ads.

Find the different steps step by step: shelblock_1.PNG shelblock_2.PNG shelblock_3.PNG

Advantages of installing Shelblock

The Shelblock ad blocker will be of great use to you, not only for blocking ads on Pinterest but also when you use your computer on a daily basis thanks to its powerful and personalized services.

Using Shelblock against Pinterest ads

Blocking Pinterest's advertising content with Shelblock has a double advantage:

  • Having a smoother and more enjoyable connection when you go on the social network
  • Secure your Internet browsing

Indeed, the advertising pins on Pinterest are not necessarily linked to reliable sites and can mislead you. Blocking ads on Pinterest helps avoid network scams social scams when you make an online purchase on a non-secure site.

Still not convinced? Read the reviews on Shelblock left by our users and make up your own mind!

Install Shelblock for free on Windows
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