Christmas: how to avoid scams when you buy online
Christmas: how to avoid scams when you buy online

Christmas: how to avoid scams when you buy online

November 23rd, 2020
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It's the Christmas shopping season and you will surely come across many advertisements, promotions, and offers for the end of the year. From high-tech to decorative objects, advertising agencies do everything to attract your attention. But are these ads, pop-ups, banners really trustworthy? Is your data safe when you click on one of these ads? We answer all your questions about buying online for Christmas, and how to avoid scams.

Recognizing a malicious online shopping site

You might think that internet ads are simply an opportunity for merchants to offer you their product, but they can hide certain things. Most of the time, when you click on an ad, a tracker will be activated and will monitor your browsing.

In addition, some ads are meant to mislead you about the product or its origin, here are some clues about ads for dubious or malicious sites:

  • The product looks like that of a big brand but no sign of the official logo.
  • The name of the merchant is totally unknown to you, and the address does not end with ".com" or ".fr".
  • Comments from the ad (on Facebook for example) mention a negative experience
  • The price is indicated in dollars while you are in France.

So many reasons to rather go through trusted sites that you know, whether Fnac or Nocibé, and make your purchases safely. The best solution to avoid voluntary and involuntary clicks is to block ads and pop-ups !

Protect yourself from scams with Shelblock

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Don't wait any longer and download Shelblock for free to block annoying ads and pop-ups now, and do your Christmas shopping safely!

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