6play, MyTF1... How to watch TV replays without commercials?
6play, MyTF1... How to watch TV replays without commercials?

6play, MyTF1... How to watch TV replays without commercials?

May 28th, 2020
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Install Shelblock for free on Windows

**Rather than wasting time watching commercials you're not interested in, use the Shelblock software to watch 6play or MyTF1 without interruption or restriction. Our PC ad blocker allows you to easily stop all ads from your favorite streaming sites to watch commercial-free movies and replay shows.

Watch 6play without ads

Are you a fan of M6, W9 or 6ter programs? Do you like to watch these channels in replay but are embarrassed by the advertising? Good news: Shelblock allows you to block 6play ads.

If you missed the last episode of TopChef or des Marseillais and want to watch them during your lunch break, this is the best solution to watch your show in replay.

If you'd rather go on a shopping marathon with Les Reines du Shopping, "Magnifiiiiiiic!", you'll never be bothered by commercials again! Shelblock removes unwanted ads from all 6play shows and series like Gulli, Funradio and RTL2 which also offer replay of their content online.

6play-avecshelblock.png](https://shelblockapi.webrox.fr/uploads/6play_avecshelblock_d6c250ae7f.png) 6play without ad](/en/block-ads-on-6play) 6play without ad

Watch MyTF1 without ads

As with 6play, Shelblock blocks MyTF1 advertisements to allow you to watch TF1 and TFX programs without interruption.

For example, if you want to watch the 8 o'clock news without waiting for the commercials to end or watch Daily Replay, all you need to do is install Shelblock on your computer.

Tomorrow belongs to us, Petits Plats en équilibre, Clem, Koh Lanta... With our software, you can watch all of your favorite TV shows and series whenever you want and quickly. MyTF1 also gives you access to the replays of TMC, TFX and TF1 Séries Films channels to watch even more fiction, entertainment and news programs.

mytf1-avecshelblock.png](https://shelblockapi.webrox.fr/uploads/mytf1_avecshelblock_1807b2ceaa.png) MyTF1 without ad](/en/block-ads-on-mytf1) MyTF1 without ad

You can now enjoy your TV nights without commercials thanks to our ad blocker.

And if you change your program and TV replays are no longer on the agenda... Great news! Shelblock also blocks ads on applications like Deezer, Youtube and even on your social networks !

Install Shelblock for free on Windows
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