5 reasons to use Shelblock in your business
5 reasons to use Shelblock in your business

5 reasons to use Shelblock in your business

August 5th, 2020
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Install Shelblock for free on Windows

You want to protect yourself and your employees from advertising and intrusion risks (malware, trackers, ...)? Install Shelblock](/en), an anti-advertising tool that blocks all advertising formats (pop-ups, pop-ups, banner ads, sponsored ads, auto-play videos, ...). Why is it interesting to use an adblocker in companies? In addition to effectively removing ads, Shelblock has many advantages in the professional context.

Why use an ad blocker at the office?

Although the use of your computer is mainly professional, using an ad blocker at work has many advantages. You will thus be able to gain in efficiency, speed and confidentiality ! And, good news, you don't have to reinstall it every day. Once activated, the performing anti-ad blocker software that you will have chosen will accompany you on a daily basis in all simplicity.

1. Protect your confidential and personal data

Our advertising blocker Shelblock offers you optimal protection of your personal data and those of your employees by protecting you from malware (spyware, viruses, ...) and trackers. By using the Shelblock software, you can navigate without fear and risk on your professional computer. Indeed, the Shelblock team makes the protection of your private life, at work as well as at home, one of its priorities.


2. Optimize the network

Whether in a start-up, a small or medium enterprise, or an international company, the Internet network can quickly become saturated and therefore slowed down by the various requests of each of your colleagues and superiors. By blocking ads, the Shelblock adblocker also allows you to save data and thus optimize your browsing.


3. Navigate faster and easier

Indeed, by saving data, you surf faster on all web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari,...). But that's not all! With Shelblock, your experience is refined. Indeed, by blocking all invasive ad formats your navigation is much easier and more ergonomic.

4. gain in productivity

Do you want to optimize your working time and your efficiency as well as that of your teams? By downloading Shelblock, you can fully concentrate on your professional missions, and thus be more productive. How can you do this? No more time wasted being distracted by pop-ups, no more wasting precious time watching self-playing videos. Finally, your attention is no longer occupied and solicited by all the visual pollution generated by online advertisements.

5. Filter the ads

Shelblock allows you to filter ads by determining a white list, that is a list of websites for which you allow ads. With the Shelblock anti-advertising software, you are in control and free to choose the ads that can be useful to your industry, for example.

Install Shelblock for free on Windows
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