5 reasons to download Shelblock, the best ad blocker
5 reasons to download Shelblock, the best ad blocker

5 reasons to download Shelblock, the best ad blocker

March 5th, 2020
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Install Shelblock for free on Windows

You're looking for the best ad blocker to remove unwanted ads? Shelblock is the best solution to protect your computer from trackers and ad tracking and to provide you with a safe surfing on the Internet. Not convinced yet? Here are 5 reasons to choose our anti-ad blocker for blocking pop-up windows.

What is the best ad blocker?

There are many solutions for blocking ads on the Internet but they are not all the same. A good adblocker must meet several characteristics: secure your Internet browsing, protect your personal data and privacy and offer you efficient services to make your reading of websites more fluid.

Considered one of the best advertising blockers, Shelblock has many other advantages and features. Parental control, anti-tracking solution or protection against trackers, you have every reason to choose Shelblock as an anti-ad blocker to protect your computer !

Why choose Shelblock?

1. Shelblock effectively blocks ads

The Shelblock ad blocker gives you peace of mind no matter what your activity is: surfing the Internet, using software or searching for a file on your computer. There's no more risk of being interrupted by unwanted advertisements or pop-up windows that open by themselves. Automatically launched banners, ads and videos are blocked and stopped to give you uninterrupted browsing.


In the Shelblock White List, you can even ask the software to block more sites and applications. As a result, you spend less time clicking to stop ads and find what you're looking for faster.

2. Shelblock installs for free

Shelblock offers you the standard free ad blocking on your computer. From your Windows system (versions 7, 8, 8.1 and 10), you get effective advertising protection on your software and applications. When some ad blockers only give you a trial period, Shelblock is a free and effective ad blocker with no time limit.

3. Shelblock protects your entire computer

Ad blocker extensions like Adblock protect you from ads on the browser you are using. But what about ads that come from other sources if, for example, you want to block ads on Facebook or watch Youtube without ads? Shelblock does even better: it protects your entire PC, regardless of your Internet browser, and allows you to block Facebook, Youtube, listen to Spotify non-stop and even watch commercial-free TV replays. No need to search your browser settings to turn the software on or off. You can access it at any time using the widget at the bottom of the screen.

4. Shelblock is an anti-advertising without extension

The advertising software often depends on an Internet browser and it is usually necessary to install a Chrome extension, Firefox or Internet Explorer. With Shelblock, there is no need to allow a plugin to access your browser, it is a ad blocker without extension. Simply install the software to protect your computer anywhere and anytime. By choosing Shelblock, you'll be protected from Internet trackers and have the freedom to navigate with peace of mind.


5. Shelblock protects your privacy and personal data

The data protection is a priority over Shelblock. By installing our software, you are protected from trackers that store your navigation history, follow your Google searches or track your purchases on merchant sites. Shelblock allows you to browse in total discretion by allowing you to block sites and applications that want to exploit your data and thus avoid Internet scams. Using Shelblock means always keeping your data private and protecting your personal data!


You are missing another good reason? Why not read the opinions on Shelblock instead to understand why Shelblock is the best ad blocker!

Install Shelblock for free on Windows
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