3 tips to reduce your Internet data consumption
3 tips to reduce your Internet data consumption

3 tips to reduce your Internet data consumption

September 4th, 2020
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Tired of seeing your Internet connection slow down at the end of the month and taking several minutes before loading a web page? You often use connection sharing with your cell phone but are afraid to use all your credit? There are some simple tips to reduce your data consumption and surf the Internet more serenely! Discover in this article how to save your Internet data without having to change your plan.

How to save your Internet data?

If you often use Internet Connection Sharing to work, watch movies and series and consult web pages when you are on the go, you have probably already experienced slowdowns when loading web pages. This can be avoided if you can reduce your web data!

Here are 3 tips to apply in order to save your data and enjoy a good Internet connection, wherever you are!

Disable background applications

The term "Background applications" refers to applications that continue to run even after their windows are closed. And who says running in the background, says ... internet data consumption.

Background applications use the bandwidth of your Internet connection to keep running, which is a risk if you have a limited package that you should not exceed.

To disable and close background applications on Windows 10, go to your computer's settings :

  • Click first on "Privacy" and then on "Background Applications".
  • Disable applications in the list that you do not want to run in the background.
  • You can choose which applications you want to disable and which ones to keep in the background. You can change your preferences at any time by returning to your settings.

Good to know: disabling background applications also saves you battery power!

Set a limited connection

To control the consumption of your Internet data, Windows gives you the possibility to set your connection as limited. In other words, Windows assures you that your connection stays below the limit you set and commits not to exceed it so that you don't consume more data than you want.

Limiting your web data consumption is very simple, in the system settings :

  • Right click on your connection symbol, at the bottom right of your screen.
  • Click on "Open Network and Internet Settings".
  • Go to "Status" then "Edit Connection Properties".
  • Enable the "Set as limited connection" option

If you have not already done so, you can set a connection limit by clicking on the blue link.

Your connection is now well limited. You can go on the Internet without having to worry about exceeding your limit, your data consumption will not exceed the one you defined.

Use Shelblock to block advertising and pop-up windows

You may not even pay attention to them anymore, but they are still largely responsible for the decrease of your Internet data! The advertisements and other pop-ups that you see opening or displaying every time you go to a web page are invasive but also data hungry.

To save your data, it is therefore advisable to delete the web ad and block pop-ups. The easiest way to do this is to install an effective ad blocker such as Shelblock. Our anti-ad will not only allow you to avoid waste of your data by removing the ad but also to secure your Internet connection by getting rid of trackers and trackers.

Thanks to these tricks, you will now be able to enjoy your internet connection without slowing down, continue to use connection sharing when you can't connect in Wifi, all this without invasive ads!

Install Shelblock for free on Windows
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