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Our free ad blocker protects all your system
The Shelblock anti-advertising software effectively blocks ads, inappropriate content for children and trackers on your browsers and applications.

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Do like our 0 users, try Shelblock and get rid of ads.

Good product, does the job. I installed this because I read about it in a news article.
Excellent, easy to install and more options than AdBlock.
Really good app, I recommend it to you :)
Good and useful software.
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Shelblock, the adblocker that improves your browsing and protects your privacy

Effectively block all types of advertising
Easily get rid of ads in your browser with the predefined filtering of the Shelblock ad blocker. Ads, banners, pop-ups, videos, Shelblock effectively eliminates all ads.
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Protect your privacy
Most sites and applications are free for one reason: the collection and resale of your personal data to advertisers. This is particularly the case with search engines and social networks. Shelblock secures your data by eliminating all trackers
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Enjoy your videos and music without ads
Shelblock is the only adblocker capable of blocking ads on video and music streaming and replay platforms while being undetectable. Blocks ad interruptions on streams, replays, live shows, songs, podcasts etc.
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Surf safely on social networks
Social networks resell your data to make a profit for advertisers. With Shelblock anti-advertising software, your personal data will be safe from prying eyes and your news feeds will be free of ads!
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Secure your navigation
Shelblock detects upstream and prevents fraudulent sites and malware from reaching you. Scams, phishing, cryptojacking and other threats will no longer be a problem for you
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Supervise your children's browsing
The Shelblock adblocker includes a parental control feature that allows you to restrict access to all websites and applications with a parental code to pornographic content, violent content, and more. The list of blocking rules is customizable by parents
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We answer to your questions

Is the protection easy to activate?
Yes, you need to download the software from our website and then click on the downloaded file to launch it. Once you choose your level of protection (Standard or Premium), your computer will be automatically protected!
Is it free?
We offer two levels of protection, a free one which is Shelblock Standard and a paid one which is Shelblock Premium. A 14-day trial version gives you free access to all the features of the software.

An ad blocker with unique features

Customizing blocking
Choose in one click the websites and applications you want to block.
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